Are lab grown diamonds “real” diamonds?

Are lab grown diamonds “real” diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds however, since they are being produced synthetically in a high tech laboratories and can be produced at a larger quantity their value is significantly lower than natural earth mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds offer identical beauty and hardness compared with the natural diamonds but the main difference to the consumer is the cost. Yes the cost is a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds and it is very appealing to some consumers mainly younger crowd who are looking for a short term saving when it comes to purchase an engagement diamond ring and or Diamond earrings.

From many consumer reports most buyers are actually cost conscious vs the carbon foot print no pun intended the diamonds have with our planet. Speaking of carbon foot print ,lab grown diamonds are being produced by high pressure high temperature mega reactors that consume high energy and high volume of water consumption-they can potentially create an extensive waste if not followed by a “green” production protocol.

Just to summarize the facts mentions above:

Natural diamonds are higher in cost but keep their value in the long term because of their limited supply.

Lab grown diamonds are much lower in cost but not hold their long term value because of an unlimited supply.

Both pretty both real both will make a beautiful piece of jewelry and both share a very symbolic act of commitment, gift or a love statement.

We love sharing our experiences and when writing blogs with such a high popularity subject we want to be transparent and honest and mot try to pull the reader to any direction nor try to sell them.

An educated consumer is the best consumer 

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