Price can vary widely when considering Carat size, Color, and Clarity.
Carat is a measurement of both the weight and size of a diamond, which determines pricing, followed by the additional Cs.

Cut -Diamonds are cut into various shapes, including the traditional round brilliant, classic emerald cut, or ovals. Each shape has its unique light performance and price differences.

Color- White Diamonds are graded from D (the whitest and most colorless) down to Z (with faint yellow tones). When designing with white gold, D-I colors are within a safe range, while yellow or rose gold allows more tolerance for lower colors (J-L).

Clarity-Determines how easily imperfections inside the diamond can be detected using a scope and how visible they are to the naked eye. A diamond's face-up appearance is a significant factor. Flawless is the clearest, while SI2 (slightly included) will have more noticeable imperfections. VS1 - SI1 falls within the safe zone.

For more gemological facts, visit GIA's website.