Please take a moment to find out if this questionnaire can assist you decide on her Diamond shape and overall ring design.

Q Is she a jewelry person?

Q Will she wear the ring daily?

Q What’s her occupation?

Q Is she outdoorsy or the office type ?

Q Is she in front of students all day?

Q Is she a rose gold or a yellow gold person?

Q Is she creative and artistic?

Q She likes to dress up or very casual?

I am sure the list of questions can go on and on but if you can have fun with the answers. this simple guide was created based on a survey and multiple clients feedback.

ROUND traditional classic elegant confident 

OVAL casual outdoorsy fun chic

PEAR vintage special fancy elegant 

EMERALD connoisseur confident free fun

OLD EURO vintage classic kind sophisticated 

CUSHION classic fun energetic hardworking 

RADIANT different classic shy fun

MARQUISE vintage French outdoorsy mature

PRINCESS modern confident fun traditional 

ASSCHER vintage connoisseur educated kind

HEART different unique animated fun

Ring Designs :

SOLITAIRE classic outdoorsy minimal modest

HALO fun sophisticated fancy elegant

SHARED PRONGS confident fun energetic modern 

Metal colors 

YELLOW GOLD classic retro confident fun

WHITE GOLD elegant neutral minimal traditional 

ROSE GOLD trendy fun special fancy