The Diamond Passport™


Diamond Passport™ We at Cherrypickdiamonds® created a beautiful way to add romance to every one of your Diamond purchases.

Each one of our diamonds is handpicked from the world’s best mines and the world’s best cutters. We are using the database given to us from our cutters, e.g. the location and dates on which the rough diamonds were mined out of the ground– and that’s what gave us the idea to create the Diamond Passport™. CherryPickDiamonds® provides a full historic report (excluding the gemological document) on each one of our diamonds.

We named this report the Diamond Passport™. Just like any passport, every single stop or transition of your diamond's route is documented, simply by stamping the passport with the actual location, date and mapping of the specific mine and its geographic location and continuing with the documentation of the date and location where the diamond was processed cut and polished.


The Diamond Passport™ assures you, the consumer, of two issues that are of great importance when buying a diamond:


1. It is important to know your diamond’s country of origin. This assures that you will avoid buying a conflict diamond, also know as Blood Diamonds. Unfortunately, purchasing from illegal/unknown sources is not a thing of the past. There are still merchants (on a smaller scale) out there who ignore buying their diamonds through the accepted pipeline in the industry, and completely ignoring the Kimberly Process when it comes to rough diamond that were mined in African countries.

2. A great piece of history that will be the “birth certificate” of your diamond. This will forever add value to a great quality diamond.


The Diamond Passport™ is given to you along with the original certificate (G.I.A, E.G.L, A.G.S, I.G.I )