About our company





We are direct importers of loose diamonds and jewelry from around the globe. At CherryPickDiamonds® we hand pick every single diamond in our inventory. We focus on the highest grades of rough, its origin (conflict free diamonds) highest cut grades, proportions and the best color and clarity combinations.


As a wholesale company, we focus on selling to the high end retail jewelry stores that have been around for generations across the country.


We consider diamond purchasing as a serious investment whether you buy an engagement ring or diamond studs or decided to invest in diamonds for a long term investment we also providing you with a full history report on your diamond.

Read about our Cherry pick diamonds ® DiamondPassport™


Our diamonds are available through most the fine jewelry stores across the Midwest.


We found out that when it comes to buy a diamond, the only place you can trust is your jeweler. Jewelers are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to diamonds and jewelry. They will walk you through the purchasing process regardless of your budget or level of jewelry buying experience.


We are sure that when you shop for a diamond you shop for its beauty more than anything.


A diamond should sparkle and be “lively”.

A diamond should “talk” to you!

Your eyes will never “lie” to you ,it is very easy to tell a diamond that has lots of “fire”, brilliance and “life”.





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